Friday, June 13, 2014

Photos of the Month - May 2014

Phew, it took me a while to get all of these ready to post online!  Many of these have been edited based on things I learned in my digital photography class last month, so I hope everyone likes them still! (Assuming people like them in the first place haha)

A Touch of Pink - A young Mandalorian waves to the crowd!

We Want You to Join the Empire! - An imperial officer wants you to join the empire in
its conquest across the galaxy!

There Can Only be Two - Two Mandalorian warriors wave to the crowd during the parade!

Barrels of Fun - A small train made of what seem to be old barrel drums!

Talent Like No Other - A very talented man plays a trumpet while spinning a rope around himself while on a
unicycle in motion.

Creatures of the Unknown - A set of creatures for sale during the Virginia Beach Strawberry festival!

The Joy of Bubbles - A small kid plays with bubbles from a nearby carnival.

The Unobtainable - Named after my awful failed attempts to win my wonderful girlfriend a Minion.

The end to a Great Day - One of my first photos taken during my digital photography class.

Night Life of a Captain - Taken while facing Christopher Newport University's campus at night
as cars pass by on Warwick.

A Spec of Tech - The nightlife of a programmer working hard and hardly working.

The Blinding Morning - Taken during the early morning, an interesting use of repetition in photography.

The Canyon of Vines - A neat settlement of tree roots with seaweed on them.

The Murky Storm - An approaching storm and the murky water it will be over.

The Lone Cove - Really just a small tree root covered in seaweed, I love these perspective shots.

The Path Onward - A neat cliff-like structure that is again only a few inches tall.

The Structure - Another perspective shot of these tree roots with seaweed.

A Frame of Green - An attempt to frame the photo with the seaweed, this I think came out interesting.

Simple Waves - A neat photo of the waves in Virginia Beach.  A rather simplistic photo in the end.

Cast Away - A photo of a good friend casting away for fish.

An Epic Catch - A rather big fish that was caught, one of many throughout the day.

Sailing Off - A boat goes off into the distance while we fish for the day.

Preparing to Move - A TV waits for me to pack it away as I move.

Restless Waves - Waves crash against the shore as I visit the beach.

A Penny for your Thoughts - The Christopher Newport University fountain where graduating seniors return
the pennies they are given when they first arrived as freshmen.

The Golden Goose - A goose and several ducks bask in the setting sunlight.

Intense Garbage - An attempt to make a trashcan more interesting seems to have slightly paid off.

Keys to the Past - My piano hasn't been played recently and is thus collecting a bit of dust.  One more
thing I wish I had more time for these days.

The Intense First Waves - One of the second photos that I took in my digital photography class.

Goodnight Warwick - Warwick comes to life at night as cars race by and streetlights turn on.
The End - The final photo of my class, this was used in a story presentation that was done through just photos.

Hopefully my future photos will only improve more, but without more access to the software and a good camera, no promises.  That being said, I will do my best to make future photos better somehow!

Feel free to leave your comments below!