Thursday, May 1, 2014

Photos of the Month - April 2014

Life has been a bit hectic recently, but I do have a few posts that I'm slowly preparing to start making public!  To start with, here are some of my favorite photos from the month of April in 2014.  Shout-out to Mia Venuti and Christopher Hanks for the fantastic ballroom photo!

A Dance to Remember - A picture taken right before the ballroom dance competition, Bamjam 2014!

Going Green on the Water - Taken during a quick break from finals week, my girlfriend and I rented a paddle boat for an hour.

The Trees Spring to Life - Taken on one of the really nice days we had recently, the sky ended up perfectly behind this tree.
For the month of May I am taking a photography class at my University, so hopefully I'll have many more photos for this upcoming month!  Feel free to leave your comments below!