Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Github Name Game

Many people ask me what I think is the most helpful thing to do for anyone pursuing a degree in computer science.  The one thing I always say is to do projects outside of class, and I think it's obvious why.  It's one thing to learn something in a class, it's another to apply it to a project.  I've been lucky and managed a few small ideas that have (mostly) come to fruition, but I know it's tough to find a project every time.

Thus, I'd like to propose a game: The Github Name Game.  The idea is simple: Create a Github account, start a repository, and based on their random project name generator, make something based around it!  One of the more recent ones I saw was duck-batman, which I thought was pretty funny, and would be trying out if I didn't have my senior project and other small projects to focus on at the moment.

So let's get a small compo going with this!  Create a project in the 2 weeks, and post it in a comment below (with a binary file too if you can please!).  I'll post a poll, and we'll pick a winner based on that!  If anyone has prizes to donate, feel free to send me an email and we'll organize prizes to those who win, but even if there's no prizes, do it for your resume!  Just because there's nothing to win doesn't mean it can't be for fun!